Propulsion technology

The electric energy is generated by a fuel cell cluster or a diesel electric power pack. The modular energy storage concept is based on a lithium-ion battery system, an electric double-layer capacitor module and a flywheel. Furthermore, fast charging at wayside charging stations can be demonstrated. This configuration of the energy storage devices in combination with an intelligent and predictive energy management system permits a full electric operation mode. Thus, an emission-free operation of up to 2 km is possible.


Fuel Cells

(2 x 80 kW)

  • Hydrogen oxygen fuel cell system
  • Hybrid cluster configuration to expand the life span



Fast Charging Device

  • Contact system for galvanic high current transfer up to 1000 A
  • Vehicle-sided collector and way-sided charging stations
  • Large electric conductivity, low abrasion and minor tendency to form electric arcs

Flywheel Mass Storage

(200 kW and 25000 rpm)

  • Combination of generator and electric motor, capable for fast charging
  • Storage of rotational energy, gimbal-mounted

Electric Double-Layer Capacitors


  • 55 electrical double-layer capacitor modules with high power density and high cycle stability
  • Low-loss recuperation of regenerative braking energy
  • Highly dynamic recharge ability


Battery System


  • 300 lithium-ion battery cells
  • Observer based in-situ diagnostics of state of charge and state of health


Diesel-Electric Generator Unit

(180 kW)

  • Vehicle-sided primary source for energy
  • Electrically controllable force coupling by means of magnetorheologic clutch